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Solar Energy in India

In India, the solar industry is booming with every passing year. More and more people, especially businesses are adding more number of solar panels to their roofs. Whether its a small office, large office, shopping complex, warehouse or even a household, the demand for rooftop solar panels has increased everywhere. Among all the solar products, solar powered stove has also cemented its position. The solar cookers are very easy to use and are engineered for a practical overhaul.

Talking about the price factor, solar energy and solar products are very cost effective. In an estimate, the cost of solar power comes out to a third of grid power apart from reducing the dependability on the diesel backup. This is one of the key reasons that solar installations are on a high and it their demand  as well as usage is expected to rise manifolds in the coming time.

Advantages Of Solar Energy Products

  • They are Eco-friendly.
  • Reduces the electricity bills of the user as they operate with the help of solar energy.
  • Doesn't emits carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.
  • They are highly durable as it function on renewable energy.

Uniqueness & USP Of Company

  • 50o - 7000 Centigrade within 10 minutes
  • Little Pollution
  • Non Inflammable
  • No Electrocution
  • 40% profit in electricity and 60% profit than LPG
  • Once invested 15/20 years no other expenses except on battery change.
  • Installing solar is the only expense for 20 years.
  • Profit only 6 months are sufficiently to get back the investment tally

Objectives Of our Inventions

  • To provide environmental friendly products like Solar Powered Stove in the market.
  • We provide cooking appliances that function on solar energy to reduce the usage of LPG.
  • To provide heating solution to households with non-inflammable source of energy.

Additional Information :
Machinery of any type on any design or any demand for heat machine, solicit designs of new versions or order will be accepted, effect new designs manufacture within time or on request after consented from the proposer.